Beyond the Essential Eight: SIEM, SOAR, and XDR

    The Essential Eight is a set of cyber security measures that organizations can implement to reduce the risk of a successful cyber-attack. However, these measures are rarely enough on their own to provide comprehensive protection. The Essential Eight serves as a baseline for good cyber security practices, but many organizations should take additional […]

Dark Web Monitoring – Is it necessary?

  What is Dark Web Monitoring? Dark Web monitoring is the process of collecting and analysing data from the dark web (also known as the deep web or the hidden web). The dark web is a section of the internet that is not discoverable by standard search engines like Google. In fact, most people only […]

Extended Detection and Response (XDR): What Do You Need to Know?

In today’s threat landscape, the ability to detect and respond to cyber threats within milliseconds is essential. After all, traditional antivirus solutions can only protect users against known malicious files. Thus, when a new file is detected as malicious, its digital footprint has already been left on the user’s device or network. Furthermore, cybercriminals are […]

Essential Eight Basics

Hello Sello Techos! This week we wanted to discuss the Cyber Security Essential Eight; specifically, we will discuss what the Eight are, why are they important, and what you may need to do about them. As one of our goals with this blog is to de-mystify all of the “techo talk”, I will try to […]

Welcome to Sello Tech’s new blog!

Sello Tech had its beginnings in July 2013 as a web design and security consultancy. With the growing number of cyber security incidents across the globe, we repositioned ourselves and transitioned into a fully-fledged Cyber Security outfit with a mission to make the cyber world better and more secure. Our team has combined cyber security […]