Our recurring testing service helps discover vulnerabilities in a client’s application development lifecycle. DevSecOps is integrated early in your development cycle and can act as an extension of your development team to find and flag vulnerabilities within your existing detected management systems before User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

DevSecOps can help you:
  • Map and integrate into the existing development lifecycle
  • Find and flag vulnerabilities prior to User Acceptance Testing or BETA, Application or End-User Testing
  • Ensure continuous vunerability assessment and monitoring
  • Reduce operating expenses
Protect Proactively

Continuous vulnerability assessment and monitoring.

Find and flag vulnerabilities

Find vulnerabilities within existing defect management system prior to User Acceptance Testing or BETA, Application or End user testing.

A QA vendor with an advanced skill set

Immediately implement non-functional testing that requires a different skill set than internal QA teams to ensure all vulnerabilities are found.

Fixed and predictable QA spend

Provides an opportunity to reduce operating expenses.

Most frequent questions and answers - DevSecOps

We recommend DevSecOps to organizations that have multiple releases per year which have significant code/feature releases that require security validation before being promoted to production. Application Security Testing is a single, thorough pass through the application and is recommended for applications that have infrequent changes or have never had an assessment before.