Cyber Security Incident Response

Our team is experienced in quick incident containment, root cause investigation, and expert-level guidance and coordination required to minimise business impact and mitigate reputational damage

When you are under attack, immediate response is required.  You can’t afford to lose a minute as your attackers have unrestricted access to your network

You need to quickly be aware of all attacker activities, understand the complete attack cycle,  address the threat and appropriately contain and respond to the cyber attack.

Our incident response team is on the ready to help you quickly restore control and stability when the worst has happened.

Are You Experiencing a Cyber Security Incident?

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Unprecedented Visibility

Quickly get insights across your whole environment, revealing detailed steps taken by the attackers, understanding their objectives, and predicting the next steps.

Firsthand Expertise

Our experts have 20+ years of experience in the IT Security industry and have responded to numerous incidents worldwide, from ransomware to cyber espionage. We can quickly identify what systems were compromised and remediate the breach to let you resume your business activities.

Threat Intelligence

We will attribute attackers to a certain threat group and will fully inform you of their methods and behaviours. Our security engineers analyse malware to get quick insights into the capabilities and objectives of attackers.