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IP Address Manager

Easy-to-use IP address management software

  • Automated IP address tracking, alerting, and reporting
  • Integrated DHCP, DNS, and IP address management
  • IP detail and history tracking



  • Helps prevent IP conflicts with powerful IPv4 and IPv6 address management
  • Manages Microsoft®, Cisco®, and ISC DHCP servers, as well as Microsoft and BIND DNS servers
  • View subnets from all Infoblox® Network Views at the same time and segment subnets without the need to create a new Network View
  • Centrally monitors Amazon Route 53® and Azure® DNS zones and records
  • Helps avoid problems by monitoring and receiving alerts on subnet/scope depletion and IP conflicts
  • Automates static IP requests with IPAM’s IP request form to speed the deployment of devices
  • Offers API support to provide two-way integration with third-party software
  • Enables the automated provisioning of virtual machines by integrating with VMware® vRealize® Orchestrator™
  • Integrates with SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM), User Device Tracker (UDT), and Server & Application Monitor (SAM)