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Netflow Traffic Analyser

Network traffic and bandwith utilisation in an easy-to-view dashboard

  • Monitor interface-level bandwidth and traffic patterns with up to one-minute granularity
  • Bandwidth use by user, application, protocol, and IP address group
  • Analyse traffic patterns over months, days, or minutes by drilling down into any network element


  • NTA collects and analyzes flow data from multiple vendors, including NetFlow v5 and v9, Juniper® J-Flow™, sFlow®, Huawei® NetStream™, and IPFIX.
  • NTA alerts you to changes in application traffic or if a device stops sending flow data.
  • NTA supports advanced application recognition with Cisco® NBAR2.
  • NTA shows pre- and post-policy CBQoS class maps, so you can optimize your CBQoS policies.
  • NTA can help you identify malicious or malformed traffic with port O monitoring.
  • NTA includes WLC network traffic analysis so you can see what’s using your wireless bandwidth.
  • NTA supplements Network Performance Monitor by helping to identify the cause of high bandwidth. Built on the Orion® Platform, NTA provides the ability to purchase and fully integrate with additional network monitoring modules (config management, WAN management, VoIP, device tracking, IP address management), as well as systems, storage, and virtualization management in a single web console.