Penetration Testing to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture

An Infrastructure Penetration test uncovers vulnerabilities residing within your infrastructure and provides a detailed attack narrative to help evaluate the impacts of each finding.

Our Infrastructure Penetration Testing methodology is 95% manual and is derived from the SANS Pen Test Methodology, the MITRE ATT&CK framework for enterprises, and NIST SP800-115 to ensure compliance with most regulatory requirements.

Ransomware penetration testing evaluates the preparedness and risk of a ransomware attack. Our comprehensive assessment identifies gaps in people, processes, and technology, to determine the likelihood and readiness for a ransomware attack.

In addition to a complete analysis of the security program against the Cybersecurity Framework Profile for Ransomware Risk Management (NISTIR 8374), and a technical assessment of security controls, a full penetration test is conducted to measure the robustness of your systems.

The Objective-Based Penetration Test is a bundle that’s offered on top of our thorough Infrastructure Penetration Testing service offering. It adds context and specific testing that makes it much more comprehensive.

You set objectives (such as access to your most critical data or domain admin), and our ethical hackers will provide the attack narrative of how it was achieved. It’s a comprehensive penetration test that incorporates adversary simulation.

Application security testing evaluates the security of web and mobile applications to protect against cyber-attacks. From source-code, all the way up to the browser – an application security assessment measures the effectiveness of your in-house developed application. By simulating a hack, we assess the controls you currently have in place.

Our recurring testing service helps discover vulnerabilities in a client’s application development lifecycle.

DevSecOps is integrated early in your development cycle and can act as an extension of your development team to find and flag vulnerabilities within your existing detected management systems before User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

A compromise assessment is a penetration test focused on identifying if undetected threat actors are currently or have ever been in your network.

Testing includes both automated and manual inspection conducted across firewalls, endpoints, and servers to ensure a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure systems and applications.

Our ethical hackers uncover threats like zero day malware, trojans, ransomware, and other anomolies that may go undetected in standard automated vulnerability scans.