SolarWinds Product Range

Sello Tech has partnered with SolarWinds and we offer all of their software products and associated services to businesses, government, education, and healthcare.

The products are the best-in-class hybrid IT management solutions providing deep application-centric infrastructure visibility:

  • Network management
  • Systems and application management
  • Databases
  • Security
  • IT help desk and remote support software

Network Management

  • Network Configuration Manager
  • Network Performance Manager
  • IP Address Manager
  • Netflow Traffic Analyser
  • User Device Tracker

Systems & Applications Management

  • Server & Application Monitor
  • Server Configuration Monitor
  • Storage Resource Monitor
  • Virtualisation Manager
  • Web Performance Monitor

Database Management

  • Database Performance Analyser
  • Database Insights for SQL Server
  • Database Performance Monitor
  • SQL Sentry
  • Database Mapper
  • Task Factory

IT Security

  • Access Rights Manager
  • Security Event Manager
  • Patch Manager

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