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Server & Application Monitor

Manage, troubleshoot, and resolve app performance and availability issues

  • Out-of-the-box monitoring templates for 200+ enterprise applications, including IIS™, Exchange™, SQL Server®, Active Directory®, Linux®, and more
  • Monitor any application from commercial apps to custom/home-grown apps across on-premises and cloud environments (including Amazon® Web Services via CloudWatch APIs)
  • Map dependencies between applications and underlying physical and virtual server infrastructure for troubleshooting performance problems
  • Monitor server performance, perform capacity forecasting, track asset inventory, and remediate server issues remotely with built-in tools
  • Monitor your entire on-premises, cloud, or hybrid application environment and infrastructure from one tool.
  • 1,200+ application, system, and infrastructure monitoring templates.
  • Comprehensive monitoring for Microsoft® applications, systems, hypervisor, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS products.
  • Visualize and map the dynamic communication-based relationships between applications and servers so you can discover network issues that slow down your applications.