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Virtualisation Manager

Performance, trouble shooting, capacity, and sprawl management from VM datastore

  • Deep visibility into usage and performance of VMs, hosts, clusters, and datastores
  • Enhanced actionable intelligence allows for single-click, multiple-step remediation of active and predicted VM performance and resource allocation
  • Power off idle VMs, adjust over-and under-allocated resources, and fix co-stop issues, typically in minutes
  • Actionable intelligence provides recommendations for optimal server performance and placement
  • Use real-time dashboards to easily identify and troubleshoot performance, capacity, and configuration problems
  • Identify VM sprawl, which helps you reclaim and optimize space
  • Monitor and manage your Amazon EC2® and EBS instances from the same console as your on-premises virtualization environment
  • Integrate with Server & Application Monitor for complete visibility of the application stack—from app to VM to datastore—on the Orion® Platform interface
  • Use baseline thresholds for alerting on performance discrepancies on clusters, hosts, VMs, and datastores
  • Help eliminate frequent logins into vCenter™ and take action within Virtualization Manager