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Sello Tech had its beginnings in July 2013 as a web design and security consultancy. With the growing number of cyber security incidents across the globe, we repositioned ourselves and transitioned into a fully-fledged Cyber Security outfit with a mission to make the cyber world better and more secure. Our team has combined cyber security expertise of over 40 years, with expertise in a variety of industries.

To this end, we have created the Sello Tech 360° Cyber Security Approach to your protection which entails Protection, Detection, and Response.



To protect your systems from attackers you first need to know where your vulnerabilities are and thus be able to address them. For this we provide:

•          Infrastructure Penetration Testing

•          Ransomware Penetration Testing

•          Objective-Based Penetration Testing

•          Cyber Maturity Assessment

•          Compromise Assessment



Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) platform provides full enterprise coverage. It integrates all the security data you can reach into including data that directly resides within your network and on your endpoints, as well as external data. We can also help you identify compromised credentials, external vulnerabilities, weaknesses and exposures related to third-party organisations in your supply chain.

This highly customisable XDR & Threat Hunting platform can be supplied as a SaaS subscription or deployed on any public or private cloud.



When you are under attack, an immediate response is required. You cannot afford to lose a minute as your attackers may have unrestricted access to your network! You need to quickly be aware of all attacker activities, understand the complete attack cycle, address the threats, and appropriately contain and respond to the cyber-attack.

Our incident response team is ready to help you quickly restore control and stability when the worst has happened and ensure:

•          Quick Incident Containment

•          Root Cause Investigation

•          Expert-Level Guidance & Coordination

•          Business Impact Minimisation

•          Reputational Damage Mitigation


We know that all organisations have differing needs, IT infrastructure, sizes, cyber security compliance requirements and security maturity levels, which is why service customization and solutions tailoring is at the forefront of our provisioning.

We also pride ourselves in “removing the techo out of tech” and presenting our solutions and detailed reports without jargon. Living in a secure digital environment is everyone’s right, not just those who already have a deep understanding of it!

Now to the blog. We will be posting weekly updates on cyber security, new threats, industry insights etc. So be sure to check back regularly.



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